Window Replacement Experts

Houston Service Area

The Window Replacement Experts at The Detering Company stand behind every product and customer we service. You can trust Detering to provide you with the attention to detail and professionalism needed for your window replacement.

Window Replacement Experts Servicing Houston

Houston-Owned and Managed Company

The Detering Company celebrates a rich history in the Houston market, being locally owned and managed, and employing the best and most experienced craftsmen in the Houston area. Our  family is extended to our staff with some of our employees rewarding us with a 30-year tenure. 

Being the best supplier in the Houston market is achieved by providing the best products to Houstonians and by being the best people to buy from. Choosing the right windows for your home requires the right window expert and The Detering Company has the best window systems for your home. Everyone on the team gets personally involved from management to the truck drivers. 

The Detering Company is a Houston Landmark

Providing window replacement services - carrying on a legacy of 90 years, The Detering Company remains a landmark in the Houston community. With the vision of being the number one supplier of window systems in and around Houston since our inception in 1926, we have taken pride in contributing to the success story of many generations of Houstonians, and more to come.

Since our very humble beginnings in the Houston community, we have established strong relationships with Houston vendors, customers and employees on the basic principle that honesty is the best policy. We only hire and partner with those who have the same desire to deliver a product timely and with accuracy.

Houston Window Experts

As window experts, The Detering Company determines what your needs are by considering the design and style of your home, its location and climate.  We then make recommendations that will best suit your home and provide you with a wide range of high quality window selections including wood, vinyl, contemporary metal windows, custom windows and multi-point sliding door systems. 

We provide window products for new construction windows and replacement windows. We can also custom order your windows to size!  We are excited to work with you to select the best window system for your home, and your contractor during install. 

Houston On-Site Evaluations

The Detering Company experts will come to your Houston construction site and offer you cost-reducing window replacement solutions to prevent costly mistakes.   Contact Us Today!